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Staffing and Administrative Changes at Jewish Community Federation

SAN FRANCISCO - Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Community Federation Jennifer Gorovitz stated that as part of an on-going reorganization and restructuring process, the Jewish Community Federation and its Endowment Fund is eliminating 33 staff positions and instituting across the board budget reductions.

Change of any sort is painful, and never more so than when its impact is on those who have dedicated themselves to sustaining Jewish life. But we believe that these steps are necessary and unavoidable in order to position the organization to meet the inevitable ongoing challenges in the economy, our local community and the world of philanthropy.

We see a collective opportunity to rethink how all of our community’s Jewish agencies work together to better deliver services and engage our community.

Despite the challenges of a rapidly changing world, the potential is great for the Federation. We are a strong organization with a rich history of helping those in need and building our community. We have a talented staff, generous donors and dedicated volunteers who are committed to having a great impact on strengthening Jewish life.


The Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties works to protect and enhance Jewish life in our community. Through fundraising, strategic planning and grantmaking, we care for those in need, strengthen and secure the safety of the Jewish people, and foster Jewish renaissance at home, in Israel and around the world.

For more information please contact:
Steve Leibman, Chief of Human Resources, 415.512.6227
Jim Offel, Chief Operations Officer, 415.512.6428
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