Fundraising & Grantmaking Strategy

Focused roles for a thriving community

For over one hundred years, the Federation has been a safety net for those most at risk, and a foundation for the entire community. Today, we are building on that foundation, re-defining our work around three specific roles that represent our unique strengths and focus our efforts on the collective action needed to ensure a thriving Jewish community and a vibrant future:
  1. Strategic Investing: Raising funds and making grants to support the community's core organizations and capital projects, foster innovation, and solve big challenges that impact our local, Israeli, and worldwide Jewish community.
  2. Building Capacity: Cultivating high-performing organizations through our pro bono consulting, specialized consulting and trainings, and communities of practice.
  3. Developing and Engaging Leaders and Philanthropists: Developing and engaging Jewish leaders and philanthropists to ensure our community’s future.

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